Sell Your Items

Thank you for your interest in selling us your items!

***Please note that we are:



Things we look for:

-Prioritizing sizes 2x-4x currently. Items outside of this range must be in perfect condition and unique for us to purchase.


-Currently very strict on clothing conditions. Please pay close attention to the items you are bringing in.


-Looking for SPRING: light jackets(especially jean and bombers), cardigans, dresses,  statement pieces, floral, bold colors/patterns. 




We will only look at 30 items or less per visit. Please ONLY bring your best 30 pieces.


We currently are only offering buying by appointment.


Please be sure items are freshly washed and without hair, odor, stains and/ holes. Any items that contains these restrictions will not be accepted.


We buy items all year around. You will be offered more for items that are currently in season. Currently looking for SPRING items


We love brands such as Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Eloquii, ASOS, etc. Items sizes 14(xl) & up are the only sizes we accept. Show sizes 9 & up. Accessories are also accepted. We will offer you up to 30% cash or 50% store credit of Resale value. Our offers are final and nonnegotiable.



On average we pay about $4 per item. Due to keeping our prices low for customers, we rarely ever pay over $15 for an item no matter how special it is. If you are tied to an items or are looking to get a full return on an item you never wore, we may not be the right place to sell your items.


Payments are made via virtual payment systems most times due to back shortages on smaller bills. We use Cashapp, Venmo, and PayPal.

Please note that clothing buying is only on THURSDAY/FRIDAY/ SUNDAY by appointment.